Thursday, July 8, 2010

Article of Interest

Article in the Seattle Times discussing the approval of the Superintendant's contract extension.

Seattle school leader Goodloe-Johnson's contract extension approved 5-2

By Nick Perry, Seattle Times


  1. Sable Verity's commentary on the Seattle School Board and MGJ...

    I dont know how any of the board members who voted to extend her contract can look themselves in the mirror every morning...

  2. The State Auditor found that the Board of Directors of Seattle Public Schools routinely failed to enforce laws and policies and routinely failed to oversee the superintendent.

    This vote is yet another instance of their failure to oversee.

  3. Director Martin-Morris wrote on his blog that Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson did not have to disclose her position on the Board of the Alliance for Education as a potential conflict of interest because the Alliance is an agent of the District.

    The Alliance, however, claims to be an independent entity. Which is it?