Thursday, May 9, 2013

10 BIG reasons to GiveBIG!

With the Seattle Foundation’s 24-hour giving extravaganza coming up on May 15, we have to ask – what’s your big reason to GiveBIG to the Alliance for Education? Is it to support our amazing programs, or is it to help make Seattle stronger? Maybe it’s a little closer to home?

Or maybe you’re having trouble coming up with a reason this year. We’ve got you covered there! Here are 10 BIG reasons to GiveBIG!
  1. Because you want your gift to go farther – and you know that when you GiveBIG, every gift to the Alliance will earn us a greater part of the $500,000 corporate stretch pool. The more you give, the more we get!
  2. Because you love our programs – and your gift goes to fund amazing programs, like our innovative new Seattle Teacher Residency and our robust Seattle College Access Network.
  3. Because you could hit the jackpot – every gift will automatically qualify for a chance to win the Golden Ticket that triggers another $1,000 for the Alliance and a $100 Starbucks gift card for you!
  4. Because everyone likes a pat on the back – and knowing that you’re helping to support a strong public school system just feels good.
  5. Because you know that gifts to the Alliance go far – check out what you helped us to accomplish last year in our 2012 Annual Report!
  6. Because you think ahead – you know that your gift today will move the needle on some of the toughest system-wide challenges facing Seattle Public Schools in 2013 – and beyond.
  7. Because you love Seattle – and you know that supporting a strong public school system makes Seattle even greater by contributing to a healthy economy and an active civic population.
  8. Because you’re all about staying healthy – and you know that when a child has the support they need to graduate from college, they’ll outlive high school graduates by seven years.
  9. Because you want your gift to make a difference – because of your support, the Alliance has achieved real results. We’ve helped the district increase graduation rates and test scores and have enrolled 95% of eligible 8th graders in the state’s College Bound Scholarship…just to name a few.
  10. Because nearly 50,000 students in Seattle Public Schools are counting on you – our work at the Alliance in focused on making sure that each child in Seattle Public Schools is prepared for success in college, career, and life.
So what’s your BIG reason to give BIG?
Whatever it is, let us know in the comments, and remember – there’s only ONE BIG DAY TO GIVE BIG! Any gifts made before or after May 15th aren’t eligible for the stretch pool, so remember to mark your calendar, schedule an alert on your phone, and set your alarm clock – GiveBIG is almost here!

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